How to Start a Drop Shipping Business Even if You’re a Complete Beginner?

I assume, since you are here, that you are interested in drop shipping. Or, maybe you’re just curious about what a drop shipping business actually is. Perhaps you’ve even tried drop shipping before without much luck.

Or maybe you’ve seen one of those “Gurus” on social media with his Lambo and Mansion promoting his latest greatest “secret” drop shipping training. Those talking heads all telling you how you can make money with drop shipping and finally quit your 9 to 5 and live the “laptop lifestyle“. Sound familiar?

Well just a heads up, most of those are rented props for their ad shoot. They don’t own them, it’s all smoke and mirrors to build up your hopes and dreams.

I know because I’ve seen them too. I even tried some of their courses and found out that most of them make their money from selling courses, not by being a drop shipper. So, how do you sort through all of the clutter and BS to know what is legit and what is just another SCAM? How do you learn if drop shipping is even right for you?

Drop shipping versus affiliate marketing: drop shipping business model diagram
Dropshipping Business Model Basics

Here You Will Find “Real” Information from Somebody Who is Actually Doing It.

That’s what I am going to try and clear up for you here today. We’ll take a look at how you can start your very own profitable online drop shipping business. And then you can decide if it would be the best option for you. Because, let’s face it, only you know what will work for you and your business needs, abilities, time, and resources. I can tell you what I think and what I like all day long, but if it’s not a good fit for you, then it doesn’t matter.

old black and white photo of a spokesman holding a book titled "Get Rich Quick" photo has circle with line through it indicating not get rich quick
No such thing as Get-Rich-Quick.

Now, I’m no “Guru”. No mansions, fancy cars, or planes here. I’m just a normal guy that has spent a lot of time testing and trying various drop shipping and online business opportunities. Some good, some……..not so good.

I’ve wasted plenty of my hard-earned money on courses that wasted my time and left me discouraged, disappointed, and with a hole in my bank account.

Then, one day, I came across an ad for an ecommerce automation service. It sounded almost too good to be true. They had the suppliers, did the packaging and shipping handled the billing and returns. All I had to do was provide the company and the capital.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Too Good to be True, Right? Guess what, it was. Fortunately, I have enough business experience that I figured it out and was able to get most of my money back before they went belly up taking many of their client’s money with them.

But wait, there is a silver lining to this story. As it turns out the folks that were doing the actual work, the heavy lifting if you will, for the actual dropshipping stores were a separate company, Ascend Ecommerce, from the Philippines. An ecommerce service agency run by Mr. Myco Arraunquez and his wife.

They employ an entire staff of dedicated ecommerce professionals who set up your dropshipping store, and source profitable products.

List them on various online dropshipping platforms like Wayfair and Belk. They handle the shipping, customer service, and returns.

couple shipping products out to customers of the home-based ecommerce business
Experienced ecommerce professionals at Ascend handle all the day-to-day store operations for you.

I own the store and provide the operating capital to bridge the time from shipping to the time the online platfrom pays me. All monies are deposited into my business bank account so I have full control. At the end of every month I pay a monthly admininstration fee plus a profit split of 70% for me and 30% for the agency.

They provide me access to the records to I can track what is going on with the business anytime I want, and if I ever decide it’s not working like I want, I can just let them know and they will close the accounts. It’s a great way to get into dropshipping and build yourself another stream of income.

dropshipping records spreadsheet example
Ascend provides 24/7 access to your stores data

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a get rich quick scheme or easy money. It takes time to establish your online store, locate and list products, generate interest, and grow your sales. But that’s where having Myco’s ecommerce professionals on your team makes the difference.

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They are constantly evaluating your stores performance, looking for new hot selling and profitable products, and handling the day to day operations of your dropshipping business.

Now, I know this is not for everybody, and it may not be for you. But if you think it might and you have an interest in learning more just fill out the form below, or keep reading and I’ll walk you through the details of how it works.

How to Get Started with Ecommerce Drop shipping Automation

OK, so you want to know more, great first thing we need to cover is what is on everyone’s mind, the cost. How much does it cost to get started and how much money do you need to have available to bridge the gap between shipping and the time it takes to get payment from the online platforms like Belk and Wayfair?

There is a one-time set up fee of $1250 that covers the building of your online business, setting up accounts with dropshipping suppliers,loading products, images, descriptions, and then applying to the various online platforms. That’s it, a great deal compared to $25000 the US based ( now bankrupt) company I dealt with before required upfront.

Now, keep in mind that there is a delay between the time a customer orders and when the online platorm sends you your funds. On Wayfair, for example, they hold your money for 30 days so you need some operating capital to bridge this gap as the suppliers require payment when they ship. Home screenshot
Yes You can dropship on Wayfair

So, how much do you need? Myco and his team suggest you have between 25 – 30 thousand available, in either cash or credit, for scaling your business. Once the profits build, your business will become self funded and your personal capital or credit will no longer be needed.

I know that is a lot of money for most of us, but keep in mind you can use credit cards and, if you pay them off when the online platform sends you your money, you won’t have any interest charges. One of the great things about dropshipping is you have no inventory cost. You only pay for an item when a customer orders it and they pay for it.

What You Will Need to Get Started with Ecommerce Dropshipping Automation

If you are interested in a automated dropshipping business you need the following;

  • An LLC or other buisness organization registered with your country of origin.
  • A business bank account for deposits
  • A Google account with Google Sheets and Google Voice.
  • You will need a PayPal account setup with either a bank account and or credit card for payments to suppliers.
  • $1250 for the initial set up fee
  • $25000- $30000 in cash or credit for initial operating capital
  • Patience – Like I said before, it’s not Get-Rich-Quick, but it is a proven business model.

Don’t worry, Myco and his team will walk you through the entire process to get you set up the right way. So, what do you think? Still interested? If you are, just fill out the form below and I’ll send you more information and we can discuss setting up a time to introduce you to Myco and his team. They’re great folks very straight forward, and very easy to do buiness with.

Now, I understand that this is not for everyone. Maybe you don’t have the cash or credit, or maybe you’re just uncomforable with doing business with someone from overseas. In that case, I have another option for you. It is much cheaper to get started but it does take longer to build because you will be doing all of the work yourself.

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Now, I understand if you don’t have the credit, or funds, to get started with dropshipping automations services. So, if you have the time, and are willing to work, Click the button below and I will walk you through the process of building your own dropshipping business from scratch yourself. And, for probably less than you spend on your monthly cable or cell phone bills. Don’t worry, you can do this!

Wishing You Much Success and Happiness,


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