How to Go from a Lost Newbie to Profitable Affiliate Marketer on Amazon

Amazon, the largest online retailer on the planet with over 300 million active customers, has an affiliate program. They offer an enormous inventory of products to promote. In fact, For almost any niche you can think of, there is a product on Amazon that you can promote as an affiliate and earn commissions.

I assume, since you are here, that you are interested in affiliate marketing on Amazon. Perhaps you’ve tried affiliate marketing with Amazon before without much luck. Maybe you’ve seen one of those “Gurus” on social media with his Lambo and Mansion promoting his latest greatest “secret” affiliate marketing training. Well, I’m no guru, but I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program and have been earning commissions as an Amazon Affiliate for over 4 years.

It wasn’t easy, I had seen all the ads on YouTube, Facebook, and online with the talking heads all telling me how I could make money with affiliate marketing and finally quit my 9 to 5 and live the “laptop lifestyle”. Sound familiar? Yeah, I know, you’ve seen them too. I even tried some of their courses and found out that most of them make their money from selling courses, not by being an amazon affiliate.

Young lady with a big smile and hands raised looking at her laptop computer as she finally has become an Amazon Associate

Then finally, one day while reading a blog about backpacking tents, I clicked on one of the tents and was taken to amazon. The bloggers were Amazon affiliates earning commissions from promoting tents and camping gear.

Then I noticed, in the blog sidebar, where I could get free training on how to start my own blog just like the one I was reading and become an Amazon Associate myself. I clicked on the link and as they say, the rest is history. šŸ˜‰

I finally found a platform with real training, support, and real results where I learned how to become a successful Amazon Affiliate Marketer. And, the best part was, there was absolutely zero-risk to check out first. I didn’t even have to give them a credit card. Just an email address and I was introduced to the best online business training platform anywhere.

I was able to get all the tools, training and support I needed to build a real, profitable online business. Check it out for yourself and see how you can make money as an Amazon Associate too and quit being disappointed and taken advantage of.

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The 3 Essential Steps to a Successful Amazon Affiliate Business

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate requires some know-how, tools, and strategy to be successful and earn any real money. There are some essential steps You have to follow before you become an Amazon Affiliate:

3 Steps to Success on Amazon

  1. What niche audience or market you will be focusing on.
  2. Decide what Amazon products and or services to promote to your niche audience
  3. How will you attract potential buyers so they see and purchase from your Amazon promotions.

Step 1 is simple enough. Find something you are interested in, passionate about, or experienced with. Then concentrate on finding products and services that help other people in that niche subject.

Step 2 you will do a search of Amazon for products and services that you can promote as an affiliate to your niche.

Step 3 is the kicker. If nobody sees your offers, products, or services, you won’t generate any sales which means no commissions. And that’s the rub! How do you get eyes on your affilate offers? There are several methods to get people to your offers.

Some are free, some cost money. The free methods usually take more work and more time. Those that cost money obviously take money but typically you will see results faster. For example, blogging, social media and YouTube are “free” or at least inexpensive options. But how and where do you start?

Paid ads on platfroms like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook will cost money and there is a pretty steep learning curve. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can lose a lot of money fast with paid ads. So, the moral of the story is that you need to get some training if you want to have any real chance of success.

You need to learn what works best for you and your budget and then apply what you learn to your affiliate marketing business. I have found what I think is the best overall training in Amazon affiliate marketing, and online marketing in general, the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

It will give you a solid foundation including all the tools, training, and more importantly the support, you need to build a successful business as an Amazon Affiliate and more. Cool thing is, you don’t have to take my word for it, after all you don’t know me. They will let you check it out first, no-cost, no-obligation, so you can decide for yourself if it’s for you. Watch the video below on how to get started for free.

YouTube Video on how you can get FREE Training to get started on Amazon.

Now, it’s not get-rich-quick, overnight success, or easy money, those don’t exsist. Anybody claiming that, is either full of sh*t, or trying to SCAM people. I don’t want you to lose money. I want to help you make money. The good news is, anybody can become an Amazon Associate. And you can do it too.

If you are willing to work, learn, and apply what you learn you can absolutely build a successful Amazon Affiliate Marketing business. If you’re not willing to do that, or you’re looking for easy money, don’t try affiliate marketing. All you’ll do is lose your money and make some so called “GURU” richer.

Now, I understand if you’re still not sure, so keep reading, and we’ll take a closer look inside the Amazon Associate Program. Everything from the benefits of joining the program to the steps involved in the application process. And, If you follow the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful Amazon affiliate.

Understanding the Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program is also known as Amazon Associates. It is a referral program that allows you to earn a commission on sales made through your unique referral (affiliate) link. To become an Amazon Affiliate, you need to apply to the program and be approved. Once approved, you can promote any of the millions of products available on Amazon and earn a commission on each sale.

Becoming a member of the Amazon Associates Program allows you to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products on your website, blog or social media. When a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

This is known as affiliate marketing. You promote Amazon products for this example, and they handle shipping, payments, returns and customer service. Then Amazon pays you a commission for the sales generated through your promotional efforts. Simple enough right?

But how do you get it set up and how do you get people to click on your affiliate links? That’s where proper tools and training will make the difference between frustration and success. The difference between losing money and building a real, long-term, profitable online business.

If you follow the step by step training at Wealthy Affiliate, my recommended platform, like I did, you’ll have all the tools, training and community support, you need to become a successful Amazon Affiliate.

And, you can add other affiliate programs as well. Best part, I’ll be there to help guide you, how cool is that? šŸ˜‰

Now, be aware, the Amazon Associates Program has strict rules and guidelines that all affiliates must follow. Violating these rules can result in termination of your account. Make sure to read and understand the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement before signing up.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

To become an Amazon Affiliate, follow these four simple steps that are covered in more detail here:

Step 1: Choose Your Niche and Products

To become a successful Amazon affiliate, it is important to choose a niche for your website. A niche is a specific topic or area of interest that you will focus on. Your niche should be something that you are passionate about, a hobby or interest, and that has a large active audience or participants. When selecting your niche, consider your interests and expertise, as well as the potential profitability of the niche.

The next step is to set up your website or blog and social media accounts. You can use platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or, Wealthy Affiliate, to create a website. Yes, as part of your membership to Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn to build websites and web hosting for your site is included too.

Make sure to choose a domain name that reflects your niche and is easy to remember. Once you have your website or blog set up, it’s time to choose the products you plan to promote on Amazon that align with your niche and create your Amazon Associates account.

Step 2: Create an Amazon Account and Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

If you do not already have an Amazon account, you need to create one. Visit the Amazon website and click on the “Sign In” button in the top right corner. Follow the instructions to create an account. Once you have an Amazon account, you can join the Amazon Affiliate Program.

To become an Amazon affiliate, you’ll need to sign up for the Amazon Associates program. The application process is straightforward and can be completed online.

Go to the Amazon Associates homepage and click on the “Join Now for Free” button. You will be asked to enter your personal information and website details. Once your application is approved, you’ll be given access to your affiliate account and can start promoting Amazon products on your website.

Amazon Affiliate - Amazon sign in page
Amazon Affiliate - Amazon Associates sign up page

Step 3: Create Your Amazon Affiliate Links

After your application is approved, you can start promoting products on Amazon. To create an affiliate link, simply go to the product page on Amazon, then go to the “Amazon Associates Site Stripe” toolbar at the top of the page, and click on the “Text” link. You can then copy the HTML code or the shortened Amazon link to use in your promotions.

Creating affiliate links is easy. You can then use this link code to create a hyperlink on your website that will direct users to the Amazon product page. If they make a purchase of either the product you’re promoting, or anything else while they are there shopping, you will earn a commission.

Amazon Affiliate - Amazon site strip link generator example

Step 4: Promote Amazon Products

Now that you have your affiliate links, you can start promoting Amazon products on your website, blog, paid advertising or social media platforms. Promoting your affiliate links is crucial to making money as an Amazon affiliate. Be creative with your promotions, and make sure to disclose that you are using affiliate links.

You can also use Amazon banners, widgets, custom ads and native ads to make your promotions more visually appealing. And, be sure to follow the Amazon Associates Program policies and guidelines when promoting your links or else you risk having your account suspended or canceled.

To become an Amazon affiliate, you’ll first need to have a website or blog. Amazon will ask you for your website information when you sign up. Your website or blog should be focused on a specific niche or topic, as we discussed earlier, that aligns with the products you plan to promote as an affiliate. For example, if you plan to promote fitness products, your website should be focused on fitness-related topics.

To Create a website, you need a web hosting service, a website builder app, and some knowledge of web design and content creation. It sounds complicated, and it can be without the proper tools and training.

The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate, has you covered. It’s where I got the tools, training and support to build this blog and my Amazon Affilate blogs.

They have first class web hosting, training in website design, building and content creation along with thousands of other training classes on everything from affiliate marketing, niche selection, social media marketing, to YouTube and much more.

By driving targeted traffic to your website, people specifically searching for the products you are promoting, you’ll increase the likelihood of your audience clicking on your affiliate links and making a purchase on Amazon and you earning a commission.

But Why Become an Amazon Affiliate?

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is an excellent way to monetize your website, blog, or social media platform and make money online from anywhere in the world you can get an internet connection. As an Amazon Affiliate, you earn a commission on every sale made through your referral link. And, they have products in every niche or interest you can think of.

Now, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick, or easy money scheme, it takes work and some specific steps to be accepted and successful, but you can build a real, long-term, profitable online business as an Amazon Associate.

Benefits of Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

Before we jump into the specifics of how to become an Amazon affiliate, let’s first discuss why you should consider joining the program. There are numerous benefits to becoming an Amazon affiliate, including:

  1. Good Commission Rates: Amazon offers some of the highest commission rates in the affiliate marketing industry, with rates ranging from 1% to 10% depending on the product category.
  2. Wide Range of Products: Amazon has millions of products available for sale, meaning there are endless opportunities to promote products that align with your niche and audience.
  3. Trusted Brand: Amazon is a well-known and trusted brand, making it easier to promote their products to your audience and drive sales.
  4. Easy-to-Use Platform: Amazon’s affiliate platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for beginners.
  5. Add-On Sales: Once someone navigates to Amazon through one of your affiliate links, you earn a commission on everything they purchase while there, even products you didn’t promote. Amazon is great about suggesting other items.

Tips for Succeeding as an Amazon Affiliate

While becoming an Amazon Affiliate is relatively easy, succeeding in the program requires some effort and strategy. You need to get yourself some good training and support. Wealthy Affiliate has been training Amazon Associates for over 16 years now, they know how to build successful online businesses. Here are some tips from their Amazon Associates training to help you maximize your earnings:

Choose Products Wisely

Choose products that align with your niche or audience. If your website is about cooking, promote kitchen gadgets or cookbooks. If your audience is interested in fitness, promote fitness gear or supplements. The more relevant the product is to your audience, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Write Quality Content

Write high-quality content that provides value to your audience. Focus on creating content that educates, informs, or entertains. Avoid writing content that is solely promotional, as this can turn off your readers. Creating quality content is crucial to the success of your Amazon affiliate website. Your content should be informative, engaging, and relevant to your niche. Use a mix of text, images, and videos to make your content more appealing to your readers.

Build Trust with Your Audience

Building trust with your audience is essential to succeeding as an Amazon Affiliate. Be transparent about your use of affiliate links, and only promote products that you believe in. Never promote a product solely for the commission.

Optimize for Search Engines

Optimizing your content for search engines (SEO) can help drive traffic to your website and increase your earnings potential. Conduct keyword research to identify the terms your audience is searching for and optimize your content accordingly. Learn how to structure your content so that it ranks well in search engine results. Higher rankings mean more visitors which means higher chances of making a sale and earning a commission.

Tracking Your Performance

Amazon Associates Program provides a dashboard where you can track your performance. You can see how many clicks your links are getting, how many sales you are making, and how much commission you are earning. Use this data to optimize your website, make changes where necessary, and improve your sales performance.

example of Amazon Associates earnings report
Amazon Associates Earnings report example

Best Training to Fast Track Your Amazon Affiliate Success

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate, the platform I use to run my successful Amazon Affiliate businesses ( I am up to 4 now). Wealthy Affiliate is the highest rated platform on Trustpilot at 4.9 out of 5 and is by far, the best value in online business training.

And, it will provide you with a proven process, based on over 16 years of experience, on how to become a successful Amazon affiliate, and many other affiliate and online business opportunities, to finally build a real, long-term and profitable online home business.

To be successful as an Amazon affiliate, or affiliate marketing in general, you’ll need to drive traffic (people) to your website or social media. You need traffic, people, coming to your website. If they don’t come to your website, they can’t see your affiliate offers and you can’t make any sales. If you don’t generate sales you don’t make any money.

There are many ways to do this, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid advertising. The Wealthy Affiliate platform also provides you will all the tools and training you need to drive traffic to your website and affiliate offers.

It will increase your chances of success, help you avoid costly mistakes, and shorten the time to reach your goals. Becoming a successful Amazon Affiliate is actually pretty simple when you have the proper tools, training and support. And,there’s Zero-Risk to try, so you have nothing to lose. Plus, you’ll have me as your personal success coach.

4 steps to online success - wealthy affiliate member testimonial
Wealthy Affiliate Member in Chat
Wealthy Affiliate Review - Real People with real testimonials about Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate Member Testimonials

Best Practices for Amazon Affiliates

To become a successful Amazon affiliate, you should follow these best practices: Following these practices will greatly increase your opportunities for success as an Amazon Associate.

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  • Choose a niche that you are passionate about
  • Create quality content that is informative and engaging
  • Promote products that are relevant to your niche
  • Use clear and concise language when promoting products
  • Be transparent with your readers about your affiliate links
  • Stay up-to-date with the Amazon Associates Program policies and guidelines
  • Build a community around your website or blog

Common Mistakes to Avoid as an Amazon Affiliate

There are some common mistakes that many new Amazon affiliates make. The training at Wealthy Affiliate, will help you Avoid these mistakes and help you become a successful Amazon affiliate. Because making these mistakes could get you suspended from the Amazon Associates program.

  • Choosing the wrong niche or promoting products that are not relevant to your audience
  • Creating low-quality content or plagiarizing content from other websites
  • Not disclosing your affiliate links to your readers
  • Violating the Amazon Associates Program policies and guidelines
  • Ignoring your website or blog’s analytics and not optimizing your performance
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FAQs about Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

frequently asked questions - cartoon character leaning on a big red question mark.

Do I need to have a website to become an Amazon affiliate?

Yes, you need to have a website or blog to become an Amazon affiliate.

How much can I earn as an Amazon affiliate?

The commission rate varies depending on the product category, but you can earn up to 10% on every sale made through your affiliate links.

Can I promote Amazon products on social media?

Yes, you can promote Amazon products on social media, but make sure to follow the Amazon Associates Program policies and guidelines.

Is it free to become an Amazon affiliate?

Yes, it is free to join the Amazon Associates Program.

What should I do if my Amazon Associates account is terminated?

If your account is terminated, you can reapply for the program after 90 days. Make sure to read and understand the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement to avoid violating the rules and guidelines.

The Amazon Affiliate Program: Final Thoughts

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a great way to earn income online and an excellent way to monetize your website, blog, or social media platform. And, it can be a lucrative opportunity for bloggers and website owners to earn passive income through affiliate marketing. But, as you can see, it is a little more complicated that just grabbing some links and start making money.

Ultimately, it depends on you. Are you interested in Amazon Affiliate Marketing and having your own online work from home business. If that sounds like something you would like to explore further, then just click the button below and get your TRIAL of Wealthy Affiliate, My #1 Recommended Online Business Platform. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can check it out for yourself and see if it’s a good fit.

By following the steps in this guide, and implementing the tips provided, you can become a successful Amazon affiliate and earn commissions by promoting Amazon products on your website or blog, social media or through paid ads.

If you’re really serious about building a long-term, profitable Amazon Affiliate Marketing business, I recommend you take up Wealty Affiliate on their TRIAL Offer and take a look at all the tools, training, resources and community support you can get.

4 steps to online success - Wealthy Affiliate Trust pilot review 4.9 out of 5
Highest Rated platform on Trustpilot: 4.9 out of 5

It is the best affiliate marketing and online business platform, bar none. And I’ll be there to help you along as well. Pretty cool, huh? šŸ˜‰

Iā€™m Looking forward to working with you,

P.S. If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, I am here and I promise I will get back to you on all of your questions and comments. Just leave them below in the comment section, or if you would rather, email to: Follow me on Twitter: @onlinebenjamin1, Instagram: dotcomdinero, and Facebook: Online Benjamins

P.P.S. Thanks so much for checking out our blog we really appreciate it. Just so you know, we may receive a commission if you click on some of the links that appear on our site. This helps us keep our content free and up-to-date for everyone. We appreciate your support!”

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